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Even though I am 51, sometimes the boy in me sometimes comes oozing out.  I have always like all things like bugs, snakes, spiders, and critters in general.  Today, while out watering the trees, I came across this guy, or gal, who knows?  Anyway, I generally see praying mantis around the yard but most are quite small, usually an inch to an inch and a half.  This one is by far the largest have ever seen so I thought that I would share.

I tried to find out what species of mantis this one is using the Googlator but apparently there are more species than I bargained for.  A few intersting facts are that the mantis is the state insect of South Carolina and that after maitng the female usually eats the male, so watch out guys.  Anyway, here are a few pictures, let me know what you think.

Praying Mantis

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