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I haven't mentioned it here, at the Heart of Dixie Bonsai, but in September of this year, I was involved in an automobile accident that resulted in me having a broken knee cap and also the totaling-out my beloved 2000 Jeep Cherokee.
As you can see, she wasn't much to look at on the outside with her faded paint and 18 years showing.  But inside, she had heart!  In the four or five years that I had her, she never let me down, other than once when the battery died, and that was my fault because I knew I was on borrowed time with it.  She saw me and my wife on many adventures, always getting us safely home.  She had 257,000 miles on her, the last 50 feet or so were the toughest.

Here she is now:
And the knee cap, after repair:
It was really sad seeing her in yard like that, just a sad shadow of her former self, as I remembered all the good times that we had together.  I searched high and low for another Jeep Cherokee (1997 -2001) but could not find one that was not used up or highly modified for "trail use".  So, I finally settled on Fanny, a 2014 Toyota Fj Cruiser.
She is a lot more shiney on the outside and has lot more bells and whistles than Betsy, but she has some big shoes to fill.

So long Betsy, you will live on in our memories, we will miss you!
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