For supper a few nights ago, my wife prepared a surprise side dish for us--pear salad.  Pear salad my sound kinda mundane to you, but this just wasn't any pear salad, it was pear salad, Heart of Dixie style.  If you are a child of the late sixties or early seventies and grew up in the in the South, you had this at home or at grandma's house, maybe even both!

If you liked this article, The Secret Lives of Aphids, You might find this one interesting as a follow-up.  There is something about bugs...I don't know, maybe it is just the kid in me--poor mom, I was always bringing something home in a jar to keep in the bedroom. Ahh, the memories, like the time the six foot speckled king snake escaped his enclosure, never to be found. Enough of that...

Favorite Minion and I have always liked to add a little spice to certain dishes, either to add a little flavor or maybe even a little kick.  There are a lot of things out there on the market, like hot sauces that will turn your mouth to and inferno (and let’s not even talk about the other end, although I have heard that Johnny Cash wrote one of his hits, Ring of Fire, the morning after he ate a bunch of hot sauce) to various powders that are usually mostly salt.  So, what’s a guy to do if he just wants some heat and flavor?  Make your own!

In September, the local pears start getting ripe.  I am not sure of the type of pear they are, I have always heard them referred to as a “sand pear”.  Unfortunately, the past winter did not have enough chill to it to produce enough chill in my area to have a good crop, we were rewarded with two pears.  Some years, there will be so many on the tree that the limbs will actually break.  If you are successful at fighting the squirrels, birds, and raccoons, you are rewarded with pounds of delicious ripe pears.  This leads to another problem, what to do with them all before they go bad.