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This repot was do done about a month ago, but i thought i would share it.  Thee tree is much more than I have seen anywhere on the 'net and deserves a some recognition, IMHO.  So here it is:

My Dad ask me if I would help him repot one of his bald cypress today. It is a large tree and difficult to lift by yourself, so I went over and we got to it. Here is Dad with the BC:

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Well, up until tonight (1-30-2019), it has been a pretty balmy winter in the Heart of Dixie and a few of my trees have been waking up kinda early.  This small elm was one of them.  To be fair, it had a position on the bench where it caught a lot of sunlight and with the dark pot the roots probably saw a little more heat, but January is early, even for me.  

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Not something that you see everyday as a bonsai, but if you have a little patience, you can make a really nice tree with them.  The tiny oranges that they make are just the right size to be in scale with a medium size tree.  The fruit peels land segments easily, like a mandrin orange, but it is very sour, more like a lemon.

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I got this camellia form the Mobile Botanical Gardens plant sale several years ago and have been slowly working it into a bonsai.  This is a pretty unique variety, "Curly Egao", in that it is a contorted cultivar.  Being contorted, it lends itself well to bonsai as branches already grow with lots of movement in them and they naturally droop, not so much that you could say that it is weeping, but they are not as upright as others.